The Story

Amy — Born and raised in Melbourne, Victoria. Mother to one heck of a kid - Mason, he’s the absolute benchmark for radicalness. I’ve always felt out of place in my generation. Hendrix, Fleetwood, Queen, these were my people. The Brady bunch, Bewitched, I Love Lucy, these were my shows. Flares, vests, penny lane coats, this was my style, this to me felt like home. Revival Republic is earthy 70’s but you’ll occasionally find her dipping her toes into the 80’s and 90’s. My thrift days started as a teen. I come alive around antiques and vintage that prompt a deep sense of nostalgia.

I love Jesus... I owe everything to him. During these thrift adventures, he started to speak to my heart about sharing some of this with you. Trust the lord to give me an assignment/job that lights me up. He’s that good.

& so, here we are.

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